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PO Box 190, Yellowknife, NWT, Canada
Anglican Church of Canada
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If you would like to make a donation to the Cathedral Restoration Fund, or to support the work of the Diocese, you can mail a cheque payable to "The Diocese of The Arctic" (note if it is for the Cathedral Fund or for work in the diocese) to:

PO Box 190, Yellowknife, NT  X1A 2N2 or

+ You can go to and make a donation directly through them - see our link "Donate Now"

+ You can call us at 867-873-5432 to make a credit card contribution or

+ If you use banking online you can email your donation to

+ Should you wish additional information, please contact Debra at the Synod Office at 867-873-5432 or email 

Yes, I want to support the work of The Diocese of the Arctic            

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__Please send me additional information                 FOR PRE-AUTHORIZED    
about the work of the Diocese                           CHEQUING

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__ I want to make a monthly gift                                (Please enclose a personal cheque marked “void”)
by pre-authorized cheque each month.   
__ I want to make a one time only
gift  by pre-authorized cheque
                                                                        Please mail to:
Please check one on each line.                                  The Diocese of the Arctic
__$50 __$100 __$500 __ Other $_____                     Box 190
__Cheque __ Visa                                                        Yellowknife, NT  X1A 2N2

Thank you so much for supporting the work of this diocese.